Tuesday, 23 April 2013

You make me feel like dancing.

Well, morris dancers might be more appropriate, but I don't have any pictures of them.
It's official. Spring has arrived. We all suspected it wasn't going to happen and that Totnes was in fact, as the sign read for some time, twinned with Nania. That is, the pre Aslan, permanently frozen Narnia, not the post Aslan, frolicing woodland folk type Narnia.

For that reason, plus the fact that this is something I've been working on this week, and I have no idea how else one is supposed to celebrate St. George's day, I am digging out my dancing shoes and getting out in the sunshine! Actually, forget the shoes, this is Totnes, I'm off to commune with the barefoot woodland folk...I might take a picnic.

proof that spring is sprung!


  1. Perhaps fly the English Flag, the Georgina cross?

    Love how you did the dress on this one.

  2. Thank you! Sorry, only just noticed your comment, I've been having problems with my email notifications. So, thanks for watching! :)