Monday, 31 October 2011

Seasonal transitions

Here we are in the midst of Autumn. The clocks have gone back and the half term is over. It takes me till about now every year  to stop mourning the passing of Summer and start to look forward to Winter, with all its beauty and celebrations.
Fitting then, that I joined  Totnes Transition Town one sunny day last week, in an exercise to imagine a vision of the future.
Local artists, children, and anyone else who wanted to, were asked to draw, using recycled cardboard, charcoal and paint, how they imagined the future to look. Whether it was the clothes they would wear, the houses the would live in, or how they would get around.
There were Viking space helmets, rocket ships, visions of sustainable living, including wind farms and water wheels, and a very fine and completely practical bicycle-powered hand glider (mine!)
Much fun was had, much charcoal was spread around and hopefully, it made us think a little bit about how our lives might change in a world without without fossil fuel.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Pirates Ahoy!

It has just come to my notice  that Redbubble have featured my Pirate Hamster in their designs for International Talk Like a Pirate Day. Hamster is my favourite Pirate Animal design (although he has some pretty cool friends!) and I was even more excited when I discovered that you can now order iPhone cases as well as Tshirts, babygrows, cards and all the other groovy stuff.

I'll be putting Pirate Hamster on an iPhone case this afternoon, and maybe a couple of other designs too, go and have a look, remember, Christmas is coming!

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

New T shirts and cards.

 Rosamund. 3 new cards on Redbubble.

I've just added a couple of Tshirts and some cards to my Redbubble shop. You can now buy stuff right here on my blog, check out the new pages,"buy Tshirts at Redbubble" and "buy cards at Redbubble" It really couldn't be easier. Hope you like them.
By the way, the original paintings will soon be available from my etsy shop.