Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Hurrah for Carl Larsson and Ikea!

This morning I received a post card from a dear friend with one of those "saw this and thought of you" messages. She knows me well because it was a reproduction of the work of Carl Larsson, one of my all time favorite artist/illustrators.
I first came across Carl Larsson when I was a child, my parents had a collection of  books of watercolour illustrations inspired by his family life. I was mesmerised by the attention to detail, gestures minutely observed and executed with breath taking skill. I could almost imagine I was there.
http://www.clg.se/encarl.aspx I spent hours pouring over these books and they were a huge influence. They helped instill a life long love of drawing, especially people, and an affection for all things Scandinavian, hurrah for Ikea!

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