Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Spotty Doris doll.

So, it's officially Autumn. The freezer is full of blackberries, ready to make into jam (fat chance!). The
flip flops are back in the cupboard under the stairs, and the wooly socks are firmly back on my feet.
If you already have bored little people looking for something to do on dark evenings or rainy days, and
they aren't convinced that hoovering is an actual sport, why not try paper dolls, like the olden days!
Here's a free Spotty Doris paper doll, just for you. You know what to to. Well, if you're as old as I am 
you do. When you've printed her out, cut out Doris and stick her to some card, like a cereal box. Then
cut out and colour her clothes. 

Have fun!

To download file:
Click on the picture  below.
Double click on picture.
Click on "save image as"
Click on "save"

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