Tuesday, 11 June 2013

More art at Delamore.

As I sit here, staring out at the rain and clutching my mug of coffee for warmth, it's hard to believe that it was summer last week.

So I shall console myself with pictures of the beautiful gardens at Delamore, which I visited while the sun was till shining.
Delamore sits on the edge of Dartmoor in an utterly stunning landscape. Every year they open for the whole of May, filling the garden with fabulous sculpture, and the ballroom with paintings, ceramics and art of all kinds.

A truly special day which held the promise of long sultry summer days. Lets hope that promise comes to fruition.
Marie Shepherd

Duncan Varley

Lucianne Lassalle
Giant pencils, it's what illustrators dream about!
sculptures don't move. Very useful.


  1. This looks like a grt place, I can't understand why I've never been!

    1. It is! I'd never heard of it before either, a friend suggested it as a worthwhile trip. It's not open all the time, but the garden is beautiful! :)