Thursday, 18 October 2012

Kitchen Lithography

This blog has been sadly neglected this year- bad Spotty Doris! Do better Spotty Doris! So, as the year rumbles towards it's end, I'm choosing this moment, yes, the moment that I'm just buying a house and entering into all the fun and games that go along with that (I'm good at timing :))- to re-enter the blog world and share my meanderings, both illustrative and geographical. Lucky you.

To that end, lets talk about Kitchen Lithography.

I've been using quick drying oil colour in the absence of etching ink.

And painting with olive oil soap.
treating the tinfoil with cola.

This was produced by drawing on the tinfoil using carbon paper.
 A friend and printmaker, Rebecca Moss brought to my attention this technique, which uses household goods such as tinfoil, cooking oil and cola to produce prints without the use of an expensive print studio. I was instantly hooked and have been playing around this week, with varying degrees of success. I haven't produced any finished pieces yet, but stay tuned, I'm going for two colours next!
While you're waiting, why not watch the video which gave us all the inspiration. Kitchen Lithography with Ă‰milion. 

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